Our Story

The majority of our group called Clarington Citizens for Clean Water and Soil (CCCWS) became involved in what is known as the Morgan’s Road large commercial fill site on Friday March 25, 2011.

In early March 2011 we noticed an increase in dump truck traffic on our quiet rural road. A notice on the gate stated that permit #1089 had been issued by Ganaraska Region Conservation Authority (GRCA) This permit with seven conditions on it is dated June 30, 2010 to June 30, 2011. The permit allows a numbered company to import material that meets Ministry of Environment guidelines Table 2(potable water designation)

However the story really begins in March 2010 when fill was dumped without a permit on Provincially Significant Wetland found on this property. This material exceeded the allowable levels for Table 2 soil. Condition #5 in the GRCA permit states this material is to be removed or relocated to proposed stockpile. The permit was issued by GRCA as they have jurisdiction over the watershed which includes Provincially Significant Wetlands. Therefore our Municipality has no say in the dumping procedures except through the dust and noise bylaws.

Pressure from Clarington Citizens for Clean Water and Soil resulted in a Provincial Officers Order by the Ministry of the Environment issued on April 6, 2011. Seven of the orders were to be complied with by April 15th, 2011 and three more by April 29, 2011. The owner requested an extension on the last three issues and a Director’s Order from MOE was put in place.

By May 9th a plan was to be submitted which will detail groundwater, soil and fill characterization programs right back to when the soil was originally dumped. In addition there was to be a communication plan to advise all interested parties of the activities at the site. To date (May 29, 2011) we have not been notified of what these plans will be. We do know that the owner has chosen to argue his case by tribunal.

As a result of the Provincial Officers Order a Master of Environmental Science has been trained as the qualified person on site doing soil tests and handing in written confirmation that the material is acceptable. This person is to do two tests a week one from each source site out of approximately 150-200 dump trucks per day. The source sites are a remediation centre in Pickering and Pier 27 in Toronto.

A second application for a new permit was submitted to Ganaraska Region Conservation Authority and after going through a special meeting when the permit was defeated and then a tribunal hearing. The applicant was granted another permit starting August 3, 2011 and ending August 3, 2012. The permit number is 1171.
The Environmental Review Tribunal has been but off for the third time.

We have recently learned that a third permit has been requested this permit is for 2505 Morgan’s Road. This piece of property does not have as much Provincially Significant Wetland within its borders.

Clarington Citizens for Clean Water and Soil have concerns about material that is not characteristic to our area We are concerned for our aquifers and the ground water as we are all on shallow wells.

As there is no public notification required we were caught totally unaware. Thus our lives have been disrupted involuntarily. Those who live adjacent to the site have dump trucks that travel in close proximity to their homes’. They live with dust, noise and traffic eleven hours a day, six days per week. Our roads are taking a beating. We worry about the traffic infractions that we see happening regularly. It seems that all we can do is yell loudly and hope some one is listening.

This site and our Facebook page are part of our attempts to “yell loudly”. Please join our Facebook group and spread the word to all your concerned friends and neighbours.

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